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Together is a beautiful place to be

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

“Together is a beautiful place to be”

Proved by this cute couple with a cuter love story.

Simranjeet Kaur and Simranjeet Singh.

What a coincidence isn’t it? Two love birds with same name.


Their love story began when they both were in school in New Delhi. Love at first sight? Is it really a thing? Well, in their case it definitely was. Back then in 2010, from friends to best friends to love birds to finally A MARRIED COUPLE.

Their little world of love has a powerful meaning.

Working in a corporate sector and girl being a tutor led on their lives without letting the spark of their relationship down.

As both of them are highly devotional and dedicated towards Kirtans. The girl took Dastar for her Spiritual Guru .

And one fine day they decided on FOREVER.

On 12 January 2020, at Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, New Delhi, They both took their Vows and enjoyed those enchanting moments in a traditional way with their families, close friends and relatives and promised to hold each other’s hand for lifetime and say,


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