Tanya and Prashant: It doesn't take forever, to create a Forever!

“The stars were always in my favor, how else would she, who is just so perfect ever walk into my life?”

- Prashant.

Who else remembers the pilot episode from the show FRIENDS? Tanya and Prashant totally remind me of Rachel and Ross, just like Ross makes a wish to be married again and Rachel walks into his life, in 2017, Prashant the birthday day boy made a wish- to meet Tanya. And that is exactly how she walked into his life- looking all beautiful in that pink suit. Having been colleagues first, they never talked to each other but Prashant definitely had a crush on her right from the first sight.

Their friendship however didn’t start in the office, but through a ‘hi’ on Facebook instead. It was a party and he was up, the conversation went through all night until the sun came up and the stars vanished, Prashant definitely always had his stars right, because your crush texting you in real life is much of a miracle otherwise. One meeting led to another and then another and somewhere in between a spark of love took place and he realized, she isn’t just beautiful but also absolutely perfect in all senses, but Prashant being as he is, refrained to ask, “what if she denies?” A couple of years went by and it was another party, only this time, he was with Tanya and not on the other side of the screen.

Even parties were so much in favor of Prashant that he finally made the call,

“Will you marry me, Tanya?”

“A hundred times YES!” she replied.

It was unexpected for him, to confirm, he actually asked her again. And this time, she penned it down on a tissue paper and made it official by handing it to him. They were engaged! Their families loved them, and things just fell into place so nonchalantly that I can say nothing but Prashant has been bribing the stars.

And after three years of knowing each other and passing through the stages of being a crush, a friend, a lover, and a fiancé they finally took the vow on the 9th of February 2020. And how happy the couple looked throughout the wedding! It’s a pleasure, we made their dreams come true.

(PS: He still has the tissue she made their wedding official with)

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