“A marriage isn’t just two people getting married, it’s two families bonding as well, for Archit and Niyati, it was a match made in heaven.”

It was the year 2014 and Niyati had just joined the college with high hopes and dreams for a bright career, little did she know, she’d not only graduate with a degree but also the love of her life. Just as her eyes looked for people to socialize with, Archit happened to be doing the same. The first impression that Archit made was “Delhi se hoon”, but that’s exactly what got them closer. Two homesick souls from the same hometown looking for someone to be able to connect to is what brought them together. Falling in love could be easy for people when your favorite color is red and you are named Raj and Simran on a world tour! But for Niyati and Archit, the word love and it's feeling began in the town of Pune in a bus during their post-graduation. It wasn’t love at first sight, in fact, the two were like north and south poles, exactly as every great love story begins but in their case, it was a beginning to a great friendship. Having been best friends for almost a year and a half, on 23rd of December 2016, Witty as always Archit took his birthday to his advantage and finally proposed her and an overwhelmed Niyati couldn’t refuse! How would she? Not every day does the love of your life ask you to marry him as his birthday present.

With everything being just as smooth as butter, our love birds not only graduated together but also fell in love a little more. And just as they say, at the right time, you find the right person, and everything after that just goes in the right direction, their families were in love too! Not only Niyati’s family loved him, Archit’s absolutely adored her. And without ever having to put into words their love for each other, their names were already on the wedding cards.

And with the right person you just have no idea how time passes by, five years just passed like that, being best friends and falling in love and understanding each other and finally, on 1st of November 2019, the couple tied the knot in a big fat Punjabi style wedding in a theme that was their dream and to us, it was a pleasure.

A wedding happens once, let's make it the right way! So, if you're looking for a grand theme wedding and a royal story to tell too, contact us now!

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